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Health, Safety and Environment
  Responsibility Matrix
  Stop Work Policy
  Incentive Recognition Program
  Pre-Job Safety Meeting Program
  PPE Program
  Camp Pest Control Program

Mastoura Co. is committed to business practices, operations, and projects that protect people and the environment. The basis for health, safety, and environmental programs is that accidents causing injuries or illness to personnel or impact on the environment are preventable. It is everyone's obligation to prevent accidents, and all personnel are expected to conduct business in a manner that actively integrates the elements of the Mastoura Co. Health and Safety Program into applicable aspects of Mastoura Co. operations.

The goal of the Mastoura Co. Health and Safety Program is zero accidents; therefore, accident prevention continues to be of paramount importance to the firm. To this end, safety takes precedence over expediency. Mastoura Co. is committed to compliance with all client health, safety, and environmental requirements as well as to applicable regulations.

Mastoura Co. has established procedures that provide direction on health and safety matters to all its employees. These procedures are periodically evaluated in light of current case law, new regulations, and emerging industry practices. Each manager/supervisor has the responsibility through personal example to create a climate in which everyone shares a concern for his own safety and the safety of his fellow technical assistance; construction and construction management; operations and maintenance; and we operate in some of the most challenging environments, providing single-source solutions to our public and private sector clients.

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