(ISO 9001: 2008 Certified company)
Health, Safety and Environment
  Responsibility Matrix
  Stop Work Policy
  Incentive Recognition Program
  Pre-Job Safety Meeting Program
  PPE Program
  Camp Pest Control Program
Incentive Recognition Program

A variety of techniques shall be adopted, such as poster campaigns, the distribution of health and safety information sheets, newsletters and bulletins, to generally promote Environment, Safety & Health.

All Mastoura  employees will be informed and encouraged to actively participate in any project related Environment, Safety & Health promotion programs.

The Environment, Safety & Health Coordinator / Representative will ensure that an Environment, Safety & Health suggestion program is implemented and on a periodical basis the author of the best suggestion that can be implemented and as decided by the Management team, will be rewarded.

Outstanding Environment, Safety & Health related performances, e.g. ES&H Man of the Week /Month by employees would appropriately be rewarded and certificated.

Environment, Safety & Health Posters, Slogans, Banners, Project Health and /or Safety Alerts and Bulletins will be utilized to promote the Health and Safety message with the aim to continually upgrade the workforce awareness.

Safety suggestions can be made and recorded at safety meetings and tool box talks or submitted on the form attached.

Download Employee Suggestion Form

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